‪Soborno Isaac Bari‬ has done something no 4 year-old ever did before: He made an electric circuit using Lemon Battery and light up a LED Bulb for‪#‎CCNY‬ President ‪Lisa Coico‬


Shoborno Isaac Bari

Gave Interview @ VOA

Name is Soborno Isaac Bari. Studying Math,Physics,& Chemistry in order to STEM education.

Already performed many demonstrations and interviews in support of my incentive

Adress: USA

If apple fall, does the moon also fall? Isaac wants to understand the falling moon problem. 


Isaac dropping apple...


Isaac looking up the moon...

Did Albert & Isaac Break the Law?

3 Year Old Isaac Resume

3 Year Old Isaac Demonstrating Battery Experiment at Lehman College.                                                                       --July 1, 2015

My name is Rashidul Bari. I currently teach both at home (to my two sons, Refath Albert Bari and Soborno Isaac Bari) and at school (Baruch College and AMS), where I incorporate a variety of learning methods to make Math, Physics, and Chemistry a fun and engaging experience. As a result of my teaching, my son Refath (12) earned an almost perfect score on his SAT test, and Isaac (3) has become the youngest expert of the periodic table and electric batteries . I treat my students of Lehman College & ICE much the same way as I do my sons.  

Soborno Isaac Bari

Soborno Isaac, who is just 2 year old, is being hailed a genius after becoming world youngers ever Periodic Table Expert. Inviting you to listen his amazing story from Voice of America, here

My 2 year old boy, Isaac, who knows all 128 elements in the Chemistry Periodic Table, impresses the Vice President, HERE

Isaac Letter to Vice President Posman 

Isaac Letter to Dr. Daniel Kabat 

Isaac Letter to Sabrina Chowdhory Dona

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari