A Message from the Arabian Post Editor

Dear Rashidul,
Your Bari Science Lab campaign to correct the aberrations in the behavior of Islamists as manifested by the Jihadists is indeed a laudable initiative. The Arabian Post expresses wholehearted support for the campaign.

K Raveendran
Editor, The Arabian Post

A Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Arabian Post

In this article, which appeared in Arabian Post, I identify the causes of this never-ending war and propose a solution based on the prophecies of the quintet (Sadat, Begin, Arafat, Peres and Rabin) and their two godfathers (Carter and Clinton) and urge the trio (Netanyahu, Haniyeh and Obama) to implement this solution ASAP. I feel sure that this Op-ed will contribute to creating the momentum we need to push forward the two states solution. This is why I invite you to read it and share it with others, HERE:

Malala: A Servant of Education

Arabian Post

When I was writing Grameen Social Business Model, a book detailing the search for a weapon to use against poverty and terrorism, Malala Yousafzai played a key, but kind of secondary, role, a supporting character. But I kind of found, when I was writing another article, “Why do they Hate Obama?” that the force of Malala kept trying to take over, kept trying to grab the spotlight. So I realized that there is another story I would like to tell, which would be the history and story of Malala, going back to Mahatma Gandhi up through Kailash Satyarthi, and how to overcome the biggest challenges of the Indian Subcontinent, such as poverty and terrorism. After learning the news of Malala’s wining of the Nobel Prize, I really felt that there would be no better time to tell her story in great detail. I invite you to read it from Arabian Post, HERE

Grameen Bank and John Nash
Arabian Post

This Op-ed explains how John Nash's mathematics helped us understand why Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina failed to unleash Grameen borrowers against Muhammad Yunus, HERE
Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari