Time Television is taking Isaac interview @ CCNY 

I'm with Abu Taher and others (2006)

I'm with Abu Taher first time since 2008! 

It was 21st April, one of the great days for me for two reasons: (1) CCNY President took Isaac Interview and (2) I met with Abu Taher, the editor of Bangla Patrika & CEO of Time Television, first time since 2008.

Not so many people know about my relationship with Taher Bhai. I wrote more articles for him than any other people in the world. Bangla Patrika serialized my two books: one on Muhammad Yunus and other on Hillary Clinton (I translated Hillary Clinton's Living History for Bangla Patrika). In fact, Bangla Patrika used to be my second home: I don’t recall any given day (before 2008) when I did not go to Bangla Patrika Office to have a cup of tea with the quint (Taher Bhai, Dr. Sowkat Ali, Mahabub Bhai, Niaz Bhai, Siraz Bhai and Habib Bhai).

I have been missing Taher Bhai since 2008. This is why, 21st April was one of the great days for me because I met him first time since then. I never shared this story with Isaac. Nevertheless his facial expression tells me that he realized the relationship between his father and the man who held him on the lap. 

(BTW, I've decided to abruptly stop my communication with Bangladeshi TV &  Newspapers in 2008. It was the same year I decided to write in Bangla no more). 

Bangla Patrika published my book (মুহাম্মদ ইউনূস: আমাদের বিশ্বমুখ) in 40 installments!

Bangla Patrika published my book, Hillary Clinton's Bio (আইভিলিগ লাভ স্টোরি) in 31 installments!

A Typical Meeting at Bangla Patrika Office (Meeting # 53!) 

I'm with Sheikh Seraj Bhai, the man who inspired me to write for Bangla Patrica. 

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari