Presentation of the Essay, "Did Mr. Bari Break the Law?"

Trimester #1 Essay : Did Mr. Bari Break the Law?

Essay Topic: Did Mr. Bari Break the Law? 

Full question: Mr. Bari went out to a bike trip for 1 hour and half long & his position function is : P(t) = 40/3 t^2. In 20 mile of the trip, he saw a speed limit sign..25 MPH. Did Mr. Bari Break The Law? 

Please take following steps below in order to write the essay: 

1. Watch the video tutorial

2. Watch the Movie, "If Apple Fall, Does the Moon Also Fall?

3. Play with the simulation below 

4. Diagram your ideas (must incorporate followings: Newton, Kinematics, Dynamics, Moving Man Simulation)

Essay Format: 

1. Introduction: Write the hypothesis: (example: Yes, Mr. Bari Broke the Law). 

2. Body: Investigate the Hypothesis by using Algebra and physics 

3. BodyInvestigate the Hypothesis by using Calculus and physics 

4. Conclusion: Accept/reject your hypothesis. 

Sample Essay


Motion is simply the change of position with respect to time. For example, when Mr. Bari changes his position from the beginning of his bike trip (t,d) = (0, 0) to the end (t, d) = (30 mile, 3/2 hour), we can denote it as motion. The idea of motion is as old as Aristotle who famously hypothesized that objects in motion stop because it’s gets tired. Unfortunately, we obliviously believed Aristotle’s claim for over thousand of years, we treated that claim as fact. However, a 23-year man who was student of math at Cambridge has changed our notion of motion by showing us that object at motion never stop just because it gets tired. In fact, he developed a set of laws known as “Law of Motion” that not only explains the kinematics and dynamics of moving objects like Mr. Bari but also sets the foundation of physics.  In this essay, we can measure the motion of Mr. Bari at (t,d) = (1.2, 20) to verify whether he broke the law in 20 mile of his trip by speeding over 25 MPH (there is a speed limit sign in 20 miles of his bike trip!). If we apply Aristotelian logic,  we will reach a conclusion that Mr. Bari never broke the law because as he move away from the starting point, he will get slower simply because he would get tired. Hence our hypothesis is: Mr. Bari did not break the law. We will apply Sir Isaac Newton's math and physics to investigate our hypothesis. 

Average velocity of Mr. Bari over the entire trip:

In a position versus time graph, velocity represented by a slope of the PT graph in which the line looks either like a diagonal positive line-- meaning – Mr. Bari is moving forward with the velocity of 20 MPH. Does that mean Mr. Bari did not break the law?  Well let's consider this example: during a typical trip to AMS, my father car undergo a series of changes in its speed. When I inspect the speedometer readings at regular intervals, for example, I would notice that it changes often. The speedometer of my dad car reveals information about the instantaneous speed of your car. It shows dad speed at a particular instant in time. The instantaneous speed of an object is not to be confused with the average speed. Average speed is a measure of the distance traveled in a given period of time; it is sometimes referred to as the distance per time ratio. Let's consider our trip to AMS on Nov 4th, 2015: During that trip, I and dad traveled a distance of 5 miles and the trip lasted 1 hour (12 minutes). The average speed of our car could be determined as 5 MPH (Please see the animation/simulation below). On the average, our car was moving with a speed of 5 miles per hour. Does that mean my dad drive that much slowly? My great 200 years old great grandfa can even drive faster.  The fact of the matter is, during the the cop pulled over dad for speeding over 30 MPH.   Yet, on average, my dad was moving with a speed of 5 miles per hour. This is why we need to investigate it using more suphoticated toll call CALCULUS. 

Instantaneous velocity of Mr. Bari at 1.2 hour: ........

Conclusion: ..............

Bibliography: ..............

The speedometer of a car reveals information about the instantaneous speed of the car. It shows speed at a particular instant in time.

Please watch this tutorial as many times as needed to fully understand whether Mr. Bari broke the law. Start writing your essay once you understand the problem. 

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari