1. What is the Genius Competition?

The genius competition is a competition held to motivate high school STEM students to pursue careers in Science, especially Physics.

2. How can I participate in the Genius Competition?

The genius competition took place at AMS, where Mr. Bari teaches Physics. The genius competition will be outside of Mr. Bari’s physics classroom in the future.

3. What is the Genius Competition award?

The winner of the Genius Competition is known as the Genius Award Laureate. The award comes in 2 forms.One, is it’s symbolism such as the Einstein Bust, or the Newton Bust. The other is monetary - such as coupon to buy books from Barnes & Nobles.

4. What is the future of the Genius Competition?

The Genius Competition will continue to motivate  high school students to pursue a career within the STEM area, especially Physics. The aim, is to motivate the young generation in the hope that some of them will step up to unlock the many mysteries of the universe, such as Dark Matter, and Dark Energy.

5. Brief Description of first Genius Competition: 

The initial idea came when Mr. Bari thought that he needed to motivate his students, as he was searching for ways to accomplish this idea - he realized that the Genius Competition was the best way to do it. 5 of the best scorers of Physics Unit Test I, were nominated to compete for the Genius Competition award. The competition took place on Friday, OCT. 23rd. The chief guest of the competition was Dr. Daniel Kabat, the chair of the CUNY lehman college physics department.The five contenders are Chyanne, Derick, Sam, Irene, and Takia.

6. Format of the Genius Competition

The five students had to solve 10 physics problems on their designated side of the whiteboard. The panelists consisted of 10 Students (their fellow physics classmates), and each of the panelists asked a question. The judges panel consisted of 10 Students (their fellow physics classmates), who observed the solutions very closely in order to score as fairly as possible. Judges selected the winners based on whoever got the highest score.

7. Winners of the first Genius Competition

Irene, and Samuel.

8. Runners Up of the first Genius Competition

Derick, Takia, and Chyanne.

9. Comments from the Chief Guest - Dr. Daniel Kabat

Dr. Kabat thanks every contender for working so hard to win the award, and he also congratulated the winners - Irene & Sam, and he applauded all 3 of the runner-ups - Derick, Takia, & Chyanne, for positive reinforcement.

Genius Competition Video

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari