What is Light?

"What is Light?" is a video made for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge entirely by Refath Bari using Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator. The video took a total of 60 hours to make, over the course of a week. The three minute video explains that light is an electromagnetic wave (meaning it is composed of an electric and magnetic wave perpendicular to each other, which also results in it’s being able to travel through a vacuum) composed of photons (tiny packets of particles carrying a discrete amount of energy) which has both the properties of a particle and a wave, resulting in what French Physicist Louis de Broglie called a “Wave-Particle duality”. In fact, when the famous double-slit experiment was conducted with Light, it resulted in a wave-like interference when not observed, but a particle-like interference when observed.

I prepared for the SHSAT from 2016-2017 in the hopes of getting into a Specialized High School. In June 2017, I received my acceptance letter to Brooklyn Tech, one of the most prestigious high schools in the United States. This motivated me to continue pursuing my dreams of reaching Harvard. 

I studied for the SHSAT by taking many practice tests at Lehman College with my dad, and I studied over the course of a few months in the hopes of maximizing my score in order to get into a specialized High School. 

I've taken the SAT 5 times, starting from the 5th grade, when I first received a 1520 (Old Score). In preparation for the SAT, My dad has taken me to NYU Bobst Library, where I've taken many practice tests, essays, and exams to maximize my score. 

 Recently, I've taken the SAT again, on March 2018, and received a 1540 (New Score), which is my highest score thus far. I will take the SAT once again on December 2018, in the hopes of receiving a perfect score of 1600.

On November 7th, 2015, I took the SAT, and received a 1580 (Old Score), which was an immense improvement of over 70 points over my old score on 2014.

On May 7th, 2016, I took the New SAT for the first time. I ended up with an Old Score of 1210.

The ultimate plan is to make the IMO. But first, the AMC. As of 8/12/18, I've completed Intro to Geometry. Over the rest of the summer, I will finish Volume I, by the end of August (next month). Currently, I am on Chapter 13 out of 29. Over the course of finishing Volume I, I will take every AMC 10A & B from 2010, as well as good mocks from AoPS. As the school year begins in September, I will begin Volume II, finish Volume II by the end of December (due to high workload). By end of December, I will theoretically be ready to score >12 on the AIME, thus giving me a high enough index to qualify for USAMO under any circumstance. Upon qualifying for USAMO, I will take WOOT, every USAMO after 2010. I'll also use Evan Chen's EGMO. Lastly, I will do all other popular Olympiads. And that's the plan.

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