Dr. Pam Abder, Director of Science Education, New York UniversityRecommendation Letter

Dear Dr. Pam, 

I had a very productive day today at ICE. I helped one of the students built his music instrument. I received your beautiful reference letter a few minutes after that. I felt as if it was a reward for such productive work at ICE. While reading your letter, two names flashbacked in my memory: Dr. Richard Duffin and John Nash: 

A one-sentence letter written by Dr. Richard Duffin in support of a man’s application to Princeton’s doctoral program in math said simply, “This man is a genius.” Princeton accepted him at its doctoral program in Math.


The reference letter you wrote to support my aspiration to become a teacher carries much the same weight (if not more) of Dr. Richard Duffin. I know the schools will take me in much the same way Princeton took John Nash. However, John Nash deserves every word Dr.Duffin wrote, while it is much the opposite in my case.


However, I’ll double my effort to deserve every word you wrote. Once again, I very much appreciate what you have done, and how much closer you provided my dream to me. Thank you. 


Rashidul Bari 


Dr. Dan Kabat, Chair of Lehman College Physics Dept., Recommendation Letter

 In 2011, I chose Lehman College to pursue my third, fourth, and fifth bachelor's degrees in math, physics, and computer science. However, I had no idea that this would eventually lead me to meet my greatest teacher of all: Dr. Daniel Kabat. It was, actually, Kabat who made me think like a scientist. Currently, I am collaborating with him on a mathematics-physics book titled, 

Beautiful Mathematical Laws of Physics


which is set for release in January 2016. Recently, Dr. Kabat wrote a Recommendation Letter  for me. 

Dr. Robert Wallace, Professor at NYUrecommendation letter

Dr. Robert Wallace is teaching me how to produce electric battery out of lemons. 

When Dr. Wallace, the coordinator of our NYU CRISP scholarship program, asked me, on July 7, 2014, to join with Gihan Varol, I said “NO”. However, when I asked Dr. Wallace for a recommendation letter, on 5/5/15, he said, “YES”.

Dr. Wallace also helped me produce a movie: 

If Apple Fall, Does the Moon also Fall? 

Dr. Catherine Milne, Professor at NYU, Recommendation Letter 

Dr. Catharine Milne is a very intelligent, warm and caring, teacher, who has a very close bond with her students, and makes learning --especially lab experiments a wonderful and entertaining experience for all of us (In this picture, I, Dr. Milne and another student). I call her teacher’s teacher because Danielle, my cooperative teacher at ICE, regards her as a best teacher at NYU. She is a teacher who I look forward to seeing every day. Soon, I am going to miss her because I'm graduating from NYU this month. 

NYU will never run out money. However, I feel like, if NYU run out money, she would still buy lab equipment’s for us from her own money.

Danielle likes her for modeling patience, honesty, courage, perseverance, wisdom, responsibility, generosity, and a commitment to lifelong learning to the best of her ability each and every day in her classroom. However, I like her for a different reason: she helped me develop a Sustainable Chemistry Website, 

Sustainable Chemistry Lab

Recently Dr. Pam wrote a RL for me.

Danielle Dubno-Hammer, my Cooperative Teacher, recommendation Letter

Prof. Jason Blonstein, Professor at NYU, Recommendation Letter 

I'm with Prof. Jason Blonstein, Professor of NYU, at ICE. Prof. Jason is helping me understand Bhor's Model. Recently Prof. Jason wrote a RL for me. 

I've tried to organize a campaign at NYU to unleash education to correct the behavior of the Islamic Jihadists.  Many professors at NYU joined me in this protest, including Prof. Blonstein, who wrote: “We share your outrage at the actions of those who slaughtered children in the name of something they believe in. My friend used the term ‘barbarian,’ so cruel in conception and action. I cannot imagine this behavior.” I wrote a prompt response to Prof. Blonstein’s letter: 

Taliban Terror 

Dr. Jay Gottlieb, Professor at NYU, Recommendation Letter

Letter from Dr. Marcia Keizs, the President of York College

Dr. Marcia Keizs, the president of York College, and Dr. Muhammad Yunus are holding a copy of my book as I and Vice President Jerald Posman are trying to enjoy this rare occasion! Recently I've received a letter from President Keizs

Letter from Dr. Ricardo Fernandez, the President of Lehman College 

Celebrating my graduation with Dr. Fernandez, the President of Lehman College. I have earned three bachelor degrees from Lehman College: 

BA in Physics 

BA in Mathematics 

BA in Computer Science 

Recently, I've received a letter from President. 

Walter Valero, Lehman College SEEK Program Manager, Recommendation Letter


                 NYU President Sexton Letter

"Congratulations on your graduation, Rahidul. Make us proud of you!"


Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari