SAT Campaign at NYU Bobst Library 

Refath Albert, my 12 years old son, is taking SAT on June 6, 2015 in a hope to skip the middle & high school to get into Harvard University directly. Read his "Statement of Purpose" to learn why he wants to get into Harvard at 12, HERE

Read his "Statement of Purpose" to learn why he wants to get into Harvard at 12, HERE

Learn more about Refath,

7:30 a.m., June 4, 2015 

It was not a happy experience for me to grade Refath SAT essay. 

10:05 a.m., June 4, 2015 

It's lunch time!

Refath got A in the SAT essay prep, finally!

It's dinner time!

11:54 p.m., June 4, 15

Refath is tired! He's taking a nap. I'm thinking of taking a nap as well.

6/5/15 at 12:02 am (Bobst Library)

It's lunch time again! It's unfortunate that we have to eat many times a day. 

6/5/15 @ 2:30 pm, NYU Campus 

Last minute prep...

6/5/15 @ 10:00 pm (Bobst)

That's it! The end of 2 days long SAT campaign NYU-New York University Bobst Library. Refath will take the SAT in the morning

6/6/15 @ 12:23 (D Train)

Dear Refath, 

Good luck. I hope you will do well on the SAT. 

Warm regards, 


6/6/2015 @ 8:10 am 

Harry Truman High School 

Refath is waiting on the line to take the SAT @ Harry Truman High School. 

7:35 am, 6/6/15, Harry Truman HS. 

Dear all, 

Refath just came out from the SAT center,saying he did well. I'll let you know as soon as College Board releases his result. 

That's the end of our SAT Campaign,

with 6 months long in private and 3 days long in public. 

Next SAT campaign will be on December 2015. Join our SAT campaign. 


Rashidul Bari 

6/6/15 @ 1:40 pm

Harry Truman High School. 

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari