As a fan of Einstein, I made a trip to Princeton many times along with Isaac & Albert prior to 2016. This summer, when the Summer Institute for Gifted (SIG) offered me an instructor position to teach Discrete Mathematics  for Computer Science at Princeton campus, I was so  excited because I was actually planning to make another trip to Princeton to show Isaac & Albert my most favorite place in the world: 112 Mercer Street, the home of Albert Einstein for over 30 years. I had so many wonderful experiences while teaching the students of Summer Institute for Gifted but I will list 4: 

(1) How some of the most talented students competed with each other to win the prizes (Einstein Bust) for the Genius Competition. 

(2) Dr. Catherine Milne, one of my NYU professors,  traveled over (70 + 70) miles to participate in the Genius Competition.

(3) Dr. Adam Marcus, a Math Professor at Princeton, spent over 5 hours to assist my students.

(4) One day,  as I was walking by Einstein's Statue, Isaac ran away from me only to comeback 2 minutes later with a flower for Einstein. I looked at him and echoed CCNY President Coico,  you really are the "4 year-old Einstein'. 

Video on selected topics: 

Most unforgettable Moment of my Life

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari