Who is Soborno Isaac? 

He is a student in the New York City gifted and talented program and he will turn six on April 9, 2018. In 2014, he received the title "Einstein of our time" from City College of New York President Dr. Lisa Cioco. In 2015, he became second Bengali (Dr. Yunus being the first) receiving  a recognition from President Obama for being able to solve advanced math, physics, chemistry, and computer science problems. Currently, he is working on two projects: (1) creating Nazrul, a humanoid Robot, and (2) writing a book, entitled The Love.

Millions of people celebrated his 5th birthday including Oxford University.



Isaac turns 3!

Whole world celebrated Isaac 5th birthday including Oxford University!

Letter from Dr. Amy Gutmann, President of Pennsylvania University

Nobel Laureate Professor Oliver Hart Letter to Soborno Isaac

Book published on Isaac 5th birthday.

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