The world has seen French Revolution and Bolshevik revolution. But this revolution, "The Love" is much bigger than French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution combined. 5 year-old Soborno Isaac unleash LOVE to change the world and the world is changing now. 

What is "The Love"?

The Love is book  about a Muslim child’s (Soborno Isaac) struggle to create a world without terrorism. It starts with how a 4 year-old Soborno Isaac refused to meet with President Obama (after he received recognition from President Obama) due to an incident with Imam (i.e., Imam refused to pray for America). Soborno realized that, as a Muslim child, it would not be morally appropriate for him to meet with President of the United States while an Imam refused to pray for America on 4th of July. He decided to meet with President Obama once he is able to correct the behavior of Imam.  People who actively support Soborno  Isaac's effort to create a world without terror are known as the members of "The Love" family.

The story is divided into two parts (1) a four year-old child fight with his mother to change her perception about non-Muslims and (2) His fights with Imams.

The Love, is based on a true story, which is documented in the two documentaries below:(1) I’m Muslim & I Love America & (2)  I Love Christmas.

Public reaction for "The Love"

Watch "The Love" Soborno Isaac Speechs that
gives outlines for a new world order.

Rashidul Bari , Soborno Isaac Bari, Refath Albert Bari