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Refath Bari

Ten Years A Studentmore_vert
Ten Years A Studentclose

A personal narrative written for 10th grade English. Details my experience as a Freshman at the nation's largest high school, Brooklyn Tech. The narrative chronologically follows me through my months at Tech as I overcame academic obstacles.

Cultural Exposuremore_vert
Cultural Exposureclose

Written for a project on Cultural Diffusion between Eastern and Western cultures. I recount my sudden epiphany after a life-changing experience with a Mexican family.

An Unexpected Victorymore_vert
Card Titleclose

Written for Brooklyn Tech's The Survey. Depicts my team's victory at Tech's hackathon and my subsequent winning of the "Subject Field Expertise" at Brooklyn's Regional Hackathon. The app, Rescuer, was built using boilerplate HTML, and CSS. It used Javascript for Sound Input, annYang for Voice Recognition, and ResponsiveVoieJS to report back to the user. I attempted to integrate the Twilio API to enable the user to call 911, but unforunately ran out of time. My partner, Matthew Bilik integrated hospital locations into the app using NYC's Open Data initiative. It worked perfectly with my Geolocation API that enabled the user to find their latitude and longtitude coordinates.

July 15th, 2017 was a bad morningmore_vert
July 15th, 2017 was a bad morningclose

A personal anectode written in the first person. Recounts my personal epiphany as a young immigrant, as I come to terms with my prejudices.

SHSAT #1: A Dangerous Cyclemore_vert
SHSAT #1: A Dangerous Cycleclose

A heavily researched article I wrote and revised 4 times for the Survey. I compiled data from the New York Times and NYC's Open Data initiative to prove multiple findings regarding NYC's specialized high schools.

SHSAT #2: A Fatal Planmore_vert
SHSAT #2: A Fatal Planclose

The second addition to my three-part series on the SHSAT and Specialized High Schools.

A Puzzling Inequalitymore_vert
A Puzzling Inequalityclose

Discusses an inequality essential to understanding the relationships between the sides and angles of any non-degenerate triangle.

The Flymore_vert
The Flyclose

A short poem written on the fly.

Dare to Putmore_vert
Dare to Putclose

A poem I wrote on a whim from a few years ago.


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