Zahid, a fan of Soborno Isaac, didn't get the permission to write Isaac's biography but he wrote it anyway to inspire every child in Bangladesh to fall in love with math & science.

For the last 28 days, he went to the Ekusey Book-fair and spent 10 hours everyday with his son Rayan to give free copies of Isaac's book to each and every child. However, some parent refuse to receive books from him.

In above picture, Zahid and Rayan tried more than 20 minutes to allow the mother to give Isaac book to her child but the lady refused to take the book from him. Zahid may pull a Riksha today, but often change comes through poor people.    

Who is Zahid Hossain?

Zahid became a fan of Soborno Isaac in 2016 when he saw Isaac winning recognition from the White House (President Obama) in the front of the newspaper. He decided to write a book on Soborno Isaac to inspire all the kids in Bangladesh to fall in love with math and science. He sent the manuscript to every publisher in Bangladesh, but no one wanted to publish it. So, he sold his business for Soborno Isaac’s book but he ended up losing everything. But he didn’t give up. He pulls Rikshaw to save money to publish the book on Isaac.

Movie name "The Love"
Director : Musfiqur Rahman Gulzar

Below is Zahid Hossain Role

Scene 1 (Zahid):

Zahid sees Soborno Isaac picture on the front page of Kaler Konta. He decided to write a book on Isaac’s story. He contacted with Isaac’s Dad but did not get a response.

Scene 2 (Zahid at his home)

Zahid sits with his son Ryan on the dining table waiting for food.

Zahid: Zahid is writing

Ryan: What are you writing dad?

Zahid : I’m writing a book on Soborno Isaac.

Wife: Brings food (they all are eating with only fried eggs)

Ryan: We eat fried eggs every day. Ma, why don’t you cook fish or beef?

Wife: Why don’t you ask your father?

Zahid: Everything’ll be fine, Ryan, once I publish my book on Soborno Isaac.

Wife: What did you just say?

Zahid: I’m writing a book on Soborno Isaac.

Wife: Who the hell is Soborno Isaac? Why are you writing a book that no-one will buy if we don’t even have enough food to eat?

Zahid: Isaac is a 4 year-old Bengali boy who got recognition from President Obama.

Wife: Enough is enough. You will not write any book and you will not publish any book.

Zahid: (lied) 10 publishers have already told me they will give me 1 lak taka if I publish Isaac’s story.

Wife : Stop lying to me. I will give you a choice, and you have to choose right here, right now. What do you value more, your family, or this stupid book you’re writing?

Zahid: (Doesn’t say anything)

Wife: If you don’t stop writing this book and start paying attention to our store, I will leave right now, with Ryan.

Scene 3 (Zahid at Office)

Zahid went to Bangla Bazar but none of the publishers agreed to publish his book on Soborno Isaac. Here’s an incident at publisher office

Zahid: Hi, can I talk to the publisher?

Publisher assistant: Can I have your name?

Zahid: I’m Zahid Hossain, biographer of Soborno Isaac, the Einstein-

Publisher assistant: The “Einstein of our time”?

Zahid: Yes, you know!

Publisher assistant: Sir, please go inside. The publisher is inside.

Publisher : Hi, how may I help you?

Zahid: I’m Zahid Hossain, biographer of Soborno Isaac, and I am here to request the publication of my biography on him.

Publisher : Soborno Isaac, the Einstein of our time! Well. Have you personally taken any interviews with Isaac, or his parents?

Zahid: Uh,.. no, Sir, but I have watched every single of video of him online, and I’ve tried to depict him, as best as I could, Sir.

Publisher: What gives you the right to write a book on Isaac?

Zahid: Only my love for him, and his ideas, Sir.

Publisher: Are you also a scientist? Do you understand any of his scientific ideas?

Zahid: No, Sir, but I love him.

Publisher: What do you do for a living?

Zahid: I’m a graphic designer

Publisher: A 48-year old graphic designer trying to write a book on a 4-year old genius?

Zahid: It’s all I can do to spread Isaac’s ideas to all of Bangladesh.

Publisher: Get out of my Office.

Zahid: But Sir, if you-

Publisher: I said get out of my Office, or I will take you out.

Zahid leaves the office.

Publisher: Hey, Samso! How come you let these idiots into my Office?

Scene 4 (Zahid)

Zahid saw Prof. Rahman interview on TV

Scene 5 (Zahid)

Zahid goes to Prof. Rahman house to borrow 30 thousand taka to publish the book. Professor Rahman refuses to give him the money.

Scene 6 (Zahid)

Zahid sells two computers to publish the book. But money was not enough. He decided to pulls Rikshaw (once a week) to save money  to publish Isaac book.

Scene 7 (Zahid)

Zahid asks his wife to sell her gold to organize a book publication ceremony. Zahid’s wife refuses to do so.

Scene 8 (Zahid)

Zahid takes his wife’s gold without telling her. He sells them to the goldsmith. He spends the money to launch a book ceremony. However, nobody comes to his publication ceremony.

Scene 9 (Zahid)

The store owner throws out everything from Zahid store, and shuts it down, because he does not pay 4 months of rent.

Scene 10 (Zahid)

Zahid gets home and sees his wife & sons are no longer in his house.

Scene 11 (Zahid)

Zahid is seen living alone in a empty house. Landlord gives him 2 days eviction notice.

Scene 12 (Zahid)

Zahid takes poison to kill himself. Doctors put him in a coma. He keeps saying “Isaac” on the death bed. Zahid’s wife asks Prof. Rahman to contact Isaac’s dad, who informs him of the situation. Isaac comes to Bangladesh. As soon as Isaac holds his hand, Zahid wakes up from his life bed.

Who is Kadir Chowdhury Babul?

Zahid story inspire Kadir to promote Zahid book on Isaac. Kadir is the only person in Bangladesh who decided to promote Zahid book selflessly.

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